TwurchCast Nine – The News and Sarah Batts

TwurchCast Nine is here. @peterould and @thechurchmouse chat about all the latest tech (and not so tech) news affecting the Church of England including Easter Live, the Church of England podcast, Say One For Me, Bishop Stephen Croft’s Lent material, yummy Christian Easter Eggs and the Ordinariate and the web.

@peterould is then joined by @batty_towers discussing her doctorate work looking at church websites.

TwurchCast Nine is available to listen to below and can also be downloaded. Don’t forget to use the links to the left to subscribe via RSS or iTunes.



  1. Winchester Diocese has just launched a wiki to assist collaboration among church magazine editors and webmasters . Early days but plenty of promise.

  2. Sharon

    For a minute there i thought Peter was talking to himself…my work headphones only play in one ear…

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