Christmas starts with Christ!

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the tweets are so delightful...Who would have thought it? The Church of England is getting its act together and starting to use social media to its full advantage. Step forward then the latest campaign over the next 24 hours – #christmasstartswithchrist.

All our favourites, @johnsentamu, @lambethpalace and @bishopofdurham will be tweeting their Christmas Sermons live and we’re all invited to join in. Forget the usual “turn off your mobiles” notices at the start of a service, this Yuletide is going to see smartphones reigning triumphant (though admittedly reigning a teensy bit behind the King of Kings) this year as we’re all encouraged to tweet our season’s greetings and to proclaim the birth of the Messiah.

Of course, we suspect our relevant prelates will be too busy actually preaching to tweet (they have people to do that for them, don’t you know), but if you spot your local vicar whipping out her iphone just before the intercessions to send a missive to the ether massive, we want to know! We’ll be awarding our “Twurch Coolest Christmas Clergy” award to the most innovative way of tweeting by an ordained bod this Christmas.

We’ve updated the Twurchstream to follow the tweets, so hop on over there to join in the fun.

The Church of England finally getting social media right? It’s like all our proverbials have come at once…

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  1. I’m a pretty new Christian and even newer to Tweeting – but I’m delighted to have found this site and to know I’m not alone! Brilliant – keep up the good work Twurchers!!


  1. Social media and a local church « Connecting, growing, reaching out - [...] Church of England #christmasstartswithchrist Twitter campaign was a great impetus personally to get to grips with Twitter. I also …

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