Everything ChangesWe’re a week away from Easter Sunday at the beginning of Holy Week. However, the clever social media types squirrelled away in Church House have already been planning for this moment. Amongst all the important techno things they’ve been preparing (iDonkey, iPalm, iCan’tSpinThisMemeOutMuchMore) they have come up with an absolutely brilliant hashtag for this year’s Easter celebrations.


This year the Church of England wants us to tweet on Resurrection Sunday those awesome words. Just as Christmas starts with Christ dominated the social media streams back in December, at the end of this month twitter is going to be overloaded with declarations that the victory of the cross and empty tomb changes everything.

But we don’t want to stop there. Oh no. When has the Twurch ever stopped there? During Holy Week we want you to tell us below how Jesus has changed everything for you. On Easter Sunday we can then present to the watching world a catalogue of transformation, a veritable record of resurrection.

So go to it – tell us in the comments section how Jesus has changed everything for you. There might even be a prize in it for the best one.




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